Natural Solutions Company Is Committed To Sharing Decades Of Education, Experience, And Tips For Natural, Healthy Products For People And Pets. Nancy Will Share Ideas For Healthy, Simple Eating For People And Pets, Pet Care, Training And Nutrition. Small Steps Made Fun So You Can Achieve Results!

I have always believed in the life changing impact of healthy products whether food and supplements or products for our bodies. I have a degree from Texas Tech University in Home Sciences with an emphasis in nutrition. It’s each of our responsibilities to learn truth in products for optimum health. My goal is to bring pure, clean, natural ingredients into state of the art products you can trust that will positively impact the lives of our families both people and pets . They are products that I use myself and on my pets. I will share decades of tips on human health and food ideas and pet ownership to educate customers in my blogs and videos. I am honored to be considered with your trust and your business. I promise to listen to you and to share what I have learned. I want to make a difference in our lives with simple and efficient, great products. 

Casey’s story – how the company began…

Casey was a Cocker Spaniel that I rescued from a vet’s office when she was 6 weeks old. She was calm, gentle, very social, and everyone loved her. 

Things began changing when she was 12. I thought she was just gracefully aging, but I was wrong. Her condition worsened. She was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. It is an autoimmune illness that forces a deterioration right before your eyes. Her hair began falling out, her legs had been trembling for 3 ½ years and got worse, her eyes were pus-filled and covered with mucous, and she developed tumors on her stomach area. It became clear by age 13 that she was dying. Not willing to give up, I resorted to my nutritional training and researched herbs, spices, food powders that targeted inflammation in the body and that boosted the immune system. My kitchen was my laboratory, food and nutrition was my ammunition.

The results were dramatic! Day 3:  Her trembling hind legs of 3 1/2 years were stable. Day 4:  crusty eyes became crystal clear eyes. Day 5: her coat began regrowth. Her energy was evident each day as “daily prolonged” lying down changed to standing with me, looking alert, and wanting to walk. Day 21: the 3 tumors on her belly were flat. At this point, I knew I had created something that could help her.

Friends were amazed. I began getting calls for my supplement. Thus, an 12 year plus journey began, despite all the challenges of a start up, the economy falling apart in 2005-2008, and every possible detour never giving up the dream of helping other pet owners who loved their pet family. The supplement is now on its 5th generation with improvements and changes to take the best of the past formulation and boost the immune system further. You will recognize every ingredient. Each is human grade food powder sourced only in the USA, Canada, Europe, or India. Nothing is sourced from China.

It is simple to use, the dogs and cats love the taste, and it is measured and added to their current food based on their weight. You will see results in your pet’s coat texture and shine, mobility, agility, demeanor and in so many ways. See my years of feedback from satisfied customers. Just like people take supplements, pets also need a great supplement as kibble can be leached of its vitamins and minerals in storage, in extreme temperature fluctuations, and in varying degrees of quality of ingredients. My goal is to bring a superior quality product to you and your pet family first designed and used by my pet family.

My new company is Natural Solutions Company with state of the art people and pet natural products. Thank you for your time in viewing my website.

Alley and Caley – graceful aging with the supplement

Both of my girls have been on all four and soon to be five generations of my supplement for 12 years.  They have never been without it from beginning creating it in my home for Casey. Their energy level and mobility is amazing.  See the videos attached to see at their senior years how they run and play and move.  Their coats are clean and bright.  The golden with straighter hair glistens in the sunlight. Eyes are clear and their entire lives their medical records reveal annual exams yearly with an occasional accident like Caley being rammed by a bulldog in play resulting in a back issue, and she stuck her face in a fire ant bed one year. Alley was hypothyroid her entire life which is a breeding hormonal condition.  As you can see from the videos, they move effortlessly and are thriving. No one ever can guess that they are senior girls.  I have always fed grain free top kibble, veggies, and my supplement. Their weights are perfect as well as weight control is critical to overall pet health. It will be fascinating what their lifespans will be. My vet says he holds his breath beginning at age 8 with goldens, labs, shepherds, and the larger breeds. Cancer is so prevalent. I believe in giving them every health advantage their entire lives.  They are my family so I feed them that way.


See their age progression below (Alley the golden and Caley the bichon) from ages 11 to 13 and 14!

Natural Solutions Company in the Media!


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NOTE:  In the course of years in Nancy Seymour’s career to make a global contribution in the pet and human nutritional world, she has been connected to Casey Pets in October, 2008 (which investors closed in May, 2010 due to faltering economy) and Shining Star Pets of which she resigned in June, 2016 to develop, expand, and add people health and beauty products.

 She has begun her own company, Natural Solutions Company in October, 2016 to continue her own products and her style of connecting to her fans and customers of decades and the way she wants to market them. See the Contact Page to reach her.

All About Nancy and her pets!

Pets are family,  I wanted to share mine.I have devoted my life to studying nutrition, behavior, training, and what makes them tick and giving them a happy, healthy home.  Caley is my senior Bichon Frisse, and Alley, is my senior British Golden retriever, both raised from pups. I rescued my 3 kitties: Quincey/orange tabby, Lilly/angora diva, and Hope/tuxedo who I named to always remember you can be living in a ditch, yet one day life can suddenly change. Gigi is a feral kitten from a colony I was feeding 8.5 months. She’s sweet, calm, loves cuddling, survived an ice storm at 8 weeks and proves love overcomes a label as wild.
Each are unique and give me their love and trust.

I will share what I’ve learned and studied in my blog posts.  Please don’t hesitate to email me as I am eager to learn from you and hear your opinions.  All helps us help our pets.