Dog Testimonials

Alley, a British golden retriever born May 2005, and Caley, a Bichon Frisse born June 2004:

Both of my girls have been on all four and soon to be five generations of my supplement for 12 years.  They have never been without it from beginning creating it in my home for Casey. Their energy level and mobility is amazing.  See the videos attached to see at their senior years how they run and play and move.  Their coats are clean and bright.  The golden with straighter hair glistens in the sunlight. Eyes are clear and their entire lives their medical records reveal annual exams yearly with an occasional accident like Caley being rammed by a bulldog in play resulting in a back issue, and she stuck her face in a fire ant bed one year. Alley was hypothyroid her entire life which is a breeding hormonal condition.  As you can see from the videos, they move effortlessly and are thriving. No one ever can guess that they are senior girls.  I have always fed grain free top kibble, veggies, and my supplement. Their weights are perfect as well as weight control is critical to overall pet health. It will be fascinating what their lifespans will be. My vet says he holds his breath beginning at age 8 with goldens, labs, shepherds, and the larger breeds. Cancer is so prevalent. I believe in giving them every health advantage their entire lives.  They are my family so I feed them that way.

Caley at age 15

– Nancy Seymour

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Emmy is a senior golden retriever with arthritis. Notice limping in first video. She was on Nancy’s pet supplement two weeks and back to playing fetch with her mom and tennis ball.

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Roush is my 14 year old German Shepard. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old. He has had hip issues since then. Within the past year, I started to notice issues with him. At night he would bark uncontrollably for no reason what so ever. This could and would go on for hours. I tried numerous things to try and soothe him but nothing seemed to help. He was also a lot more lethargic than he normally was. He had a hard time standing after sitting or laying down for any period of time. Almost sometimes whimpering to get up. I contemplated putting him to sleep to end his misery. Within days of starting him on this supplement I saw miraculous things happening. He was up and waiting by the door when I would come home, something he hadn’t done or possibly been able to do for some time. He had energy and was interacting with the other dog, something else that he had been lacking in. He also stopped the night barking! He has increased mobility in his back legs and seems to be all in all feeling better! I only wish I would have been able to start him on a supplement like this 14 years ago… It has been life changing for him and I am blessed to have been introduced to this supplement and the amazing things it can do!

– Angela H., Raleigh, NC

It was around that same time I started using another outstanding product of Nancy’s called Just Relief which is a pain relieving anti inflammation lotion for people on the area of my dog’s back.The very first time I used it on that area of his back my dog turned to me and kissed me and looked like he was trying to say “thanks mom that feels so much better”. I used it daily, and I saw even more improvement with his ability to walk and do his rehabilitation. I too tried the Just Relief on a horrible bruise I had. I was very impressed how much better it felt and how quickly the color of the bruise disappeared! Right now, all I can say is how grateful I am for both of Nancy’s products! My dog is now able to do just about everything he could do before he was paralyzed. Nancy checks in regularly checking on him and his continuing progress. I have my happy and healthy dog back!

I would like to share some wonderful news about an outstanding pet supplement that I have been using for both my dogs. I started using the nutritional supplement after one of my dogs had a severe injury to his back. As a result of that injury he was paralyzed in his hind legs. He had to have spinal surgery to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord. He had his surgery in December and started physical therapy and rehabilitation soon after. He was making some progress but didn’t seem interested in much of anything, including eating. Even his favorite toy didn’t excite him. He wasn’t eating very much, just enough to survive. I contacted Nancy who was right there to help me. I started both dogs on Nancy’s Superfoods Pet Supplement the very end of January. Little by little we increased the dosage of the supplement. By the second week of February my little dog was eating much better and wanting to play with his favorite toy. Nancy gave us ideas how to incorporate our own pool and heated small spa area to exercise his muscles. He was improving every way: walking stability m, playing and a faster gait, energy and positive attitude. His zest for life came back! Even his rehabilitation therapist commented how much improvement she was seeing.

– Forever grateful from Ft. Lauderdale 

SUGAR, a 12 year old Boxer with severe arthritis:

Sugar is a 12 year old boxer who has been very active all of her life. Over the past 2 years she has been progressively bothered by arthritis in her hips and legs. The vet put her on 100 mg of Novox daily. Frankly we didn’t see much improvement but we wanted to relieve her of pain as much as possible and were told this was the best medicine for her.

She started taking the supplement about a month ago. Within a week we noticed an improvement. She started running again and playing like a puppy. She even has done her crazy “run around the perimeter of the yard like a grey hound” a few times recently. We discontinued the Novox and so we credit the improvement to the supplement. We mix it into canned food and she eats it well. We are very pleased and amazed at the results!

UPDATE: We were going on vacation and thought we had enough supplement to last. Sadly we ran out. We saw Sugar in s few days lose some of her vibrant mobility and energy. That day we returned, I called for more. I had made a to do list for that day. As I was leaving and grabbed my list, I smiled as husband added to bottom in big letters “get sugar’s ‘miracle powder'” as he affectionately calls it. It is obvious to us through watching her what an impact it makes.

– Suzanne H., Raleigh, NC

SASHA, a lab/chow mix suffering from Arthritis, hip dysplasia, seizures, and tumors:

Recently, within the past four months Sasha suffered a grand mal seizure that almost took her life. I didn’t want to let her down just because she has seizures. My family and I spent thousands of dollars keeping her alive with emergency visits to vet and medications. Sasha would stay in my room at night so I could assist her through a seizure. I wanted her to be comfortable and happy while she aged. I consider Sasha a child of my own with everything we experienced together.

In the past three years her body has become stiffer in the hips as she has aged from arthritis and the seizures. She walked with a limp and was slowing down to a mere stroll on daily walks. We stopped seeing Sasha run. She was developing fatty tumors on her belly and recently near her mouth. Her diet consisted of a strict regimen of an adult light dog food with a joint vitamin and seizure medication. I was exploring alternative medicines for her to heal her body from the entire recent traumas. This supplement has changed Sasha’s path. I think a few years have been added to Sasha’s life by the supplement alone. The trial is over with the results astounding both my family and myself.

Three major occurrences happened during the two week trial period:

  1. After one week Sasha began sprinting (yes! literally a full run) with my younger two year old dog during our morning play time. She was stretching her body out fully and running. I remember laughing with pure joy that Sasha was beginning to enjoy her walks and play time again.
  2. She is walking with a quick pep in her step. Sasha’s eyes have less of a fog to them and she responds with more alertness and coherency when you call her name. Her breath has gotten about 20% better since the trial has begun, (thank goodness!). The coat of hair on her body has also filled in and is not so mangy looking.
  3. Sasha had formed a fatty white tumor on her front left lip that was growing larger and larger as time passed. I feared the worst, cancer or another deadly disease that I could not afford. Since her trial began with great happiness this fatty white tumor has been shrinking continuously every day. I am happy to report the tumor has shrunk completely away! She can eat on both sides of her mouth without only chewing with her back teeth for fear of hitting the tumor.

I have been so pleased to have the opportunity to feed this product to my fearless companion Sasha who works so hard to stay with our family a little while longer. She has been a joyful addition and we all thank you for the development of this ingenious product to help bring joy and comfort to dogs everywhere. I would gladly encourage any friend or family member to try this product.

– Molly N., Raleigh, NC

PRINCESS, a 12 year old lab:
My 12 year old lab, Princess, has responded very well to your product.  She was once a lab that acted her age with aching hips and slowly walked to and from outside and now she is spunky and wants to play.  She even decided recently, after taking the supplement for about 6 weeks that she wants to run when we go for a walk.  What a pleasant surprise.  She also loves the taste as she gets even more excited than a lab usually does (if that’s possible) when it is time for a meal.  Great product!

– Randall D., North Carolina

LIZZIE, a senior German Shepard with arthritis, and BUCKLEY:
I wanted to send you this text to say thank you for helping keep my dogs Lizzie and Buckley healthy. Lizzy is a 14-year-old German Shepherd with some arthritis in her back legs and her hips, as shepherds are prone to have. Almost 3 years ago, we started with your supplement in our food and she has increased her stamina and her ability to move 10-fold without having to take any kind of medication that would endanger the rest of her health .
Oddly, she got tired of her food. I changed foods and put supplement. I watched her health degenerate into almost nothing where she struggled to get up she wasn’t recovering from from injury and she just did she wasn’t happy – she was listless so I again changed her food and put the supplement back in and it’s been amazing it took literally maybe 48 hours for her to recover and she’s feeling wonderful and happy and she’s was moving just fine again and so I don’t let my dogs go without it no matter how picky they are about their food.
It has truly made a difference in their lives. It has kept Lizzy healthy. We just had her 14-year-old check up her heart is in great condition, her blood work came back all within regular limit even for older dogs. The vet said they were amazed and how well and in such good shape she was in.
So thank you for taking the time to create this and doing everything that you do to keep our pets well.

– Wendy, Raleigh, NC

FOXY,  11 years old, PARIS, 9 years old, and CUPCAKE, 5 years old:
This Pet Super Natural Supplement helped My Foxy who Suffers From severe arthritis and hip problems it gave him back his mobility. I see a huge difference in my Foxy and I so happy I found this supplement. I was tired of giving drugs that were prescribed from my Veterinary  to him. Seeing him groggy and pretty much helpless just broke my heart.
Now he’s thriving and pretty much a happy dog. I also give this product to my other babies and I see a difference in their  coats which are much shiner and healthier, teeth, nails and over all happy dogs. I totally recommend this product for your pets as well

– Valene F.

LUCKY SR., a Shepherd with seizures and arthritis:

We have a 23 years old German shepherd that was given to my son when he was 4 and is now my son is 27. Lucky is a family member we all love. Age was taking its toll on him. He had no energy, he was horribly arthritic, and he stopped greeting us at the kitchen door when he heard the garage door rise. He also seizured regularly which his veterinarian told us would probably take him from us eventually.

I met Nancy Seymour one day and she suggested trying her pet supplement in his food. It was a supplement meant to fight the inflammation that was causing him pain. It was so easy to use and he actually liked the taste!

I ran into Nancy a few months later and I was thrilled to tell her Lucky was a different dog. He was jogging on the golf course each morning with our son, he regularly chased squirrels, and he out played the year and a half Shi Tzu next door. We also found that he bounded to greet us each day at the kitchen door with renewed energy. The best gift though, is that Lucky has not seizured once since being on the supplement.

However long we have left with Lucky, we will know that his quality of life has been improved and this is a joy for us to see. I highly recommend this supplement!

– Marion, Fayetteville, NC

Brophy (a senior Old English Sheepdog) is so much more mobile – we have gone for a four mile hike and 3 mile walks, and he doesn’t try to stop or refuse to go.  He has a spring in his step and a wiggle when he walks, he isn’t stiff in his hips.  Coat looks great.

Sparky (an adult Cockapoo)  is as spry as ever, coat looks great.

– Sandra, Greensboro, NC

Rinnie, a shepherd mix with hemangiosarcoma (most aggressive canine cancer where blood vessels finally hemorrhage and bleed out). Vets gave 60 days to live, see remarkable joyful journey to 7 more months:

This is a compilations of emails from Rinnie’s owners who I met frequently to work with them on buying Rinnie quality, happy, time with her family. Permission was given by the owners to share Rinnie’s journey to give other pet owners hope. – Nancy Seymour

DAY 17 on supplement:


Today is Day 37 since her surgery and Day 17 on your supplements.  Still on bottle one.  She seems long recovered from the surgery itself and presently shows no signs of the hemangiosarcoma, which is a blood vessel cancer, though she does have one small nodule on her leg that we noticed for the first time on Mother’s Day. She is high energy, taking long walks, running, playing with her toys, chasing birds, squirrels, etc., joyful and seems normal in every way. She is eating well and is usually very eager for the next meal.  No problems with acceptance of the supplement over/in her food–not having to pill-pocket as I thought we may. She looks beautiful and has her pre-surgery/pre-illness spark about her. So far, so good. 

Halfway through 2nd jar of supplement:

I was thinking about you earlier today. We are approaching half way on the second supplement bottle. I appreciated your earlier email and this one too. You are kind in checking up on us. Emotionally we are level now and not freaking out about Rinnie’s diagnosis. We’ve come to the conclusion that none of us has the guarantee of tomorrow, so just enjoy this day and hope for the best. We truly are enjoying her and each other. Rinnie is doing remarkably well. She seems very normal and energetic. Nothing seems wrong at all with her. I know I’m not supposed to be counting the days, but day 53 after the surgery is today and it seems that one lump on her rear leg/stomach area is the only change I have noticed at all and it seems stable, no changes in it.  She’s happy as can be. Just playful, joyful, her sweet and active self. My daughter bought me a little fold up water bowl to take on our walks that works great. We are making her come in more during the heat and keeping us all cool. Your tips are all good and appreciated. And yes, we love the Furminator too. Appreciate you Nancy. Thanks again for being such a kind person.

5 month mark:

Hi Nancy,

Rinnie is doing well. It will be five months on Wednesday, Sept. 14th that she has survived. I have a senior physical scheduled with her Vet on Monday. She has had no problems whatsoever, eats well, plays, is active, just a delightful happy little friend. We are still on the product and will stay on it. I will be interested to see what the Vet has to say about Rinnie on Monday, as she and the Oncologist had said Rinnie’s life expectancy was two months without Chemo and about four months with and it will be five months Wednesday. While our Vet did say all this, she did say that the hemangiosarcoma was so aggressive that if she lived twelve months, it would mean they got it early enough to have gotten it all, which is very, very rare. I was reading your ingredient list on the jar.  You must have worked your bottom off on that supplement ingredient list. Wow. So informative. I will go back to her vet in December when Rinnie needs her next required booster.  Since these immunizations depress immunity, we didn’t want to give it to Rinnie early.  While she was pleased, very happy that Rinnie had made it to five months without chemo when the Oncologist had projected two months without chemo, she wasn’t doing cartwheels, didn’t seem as optimistic as we are at all.  She said the two months was an average, some less, some more. She said that even if cancer had not spread before Rinnie’s surgery,  and was confined to the spleen and the spleen tumor, even if one or two or three cells alone were left in the blood, they would potentially grow and spread, as this is aggressive, very aggressive stuff.  She said that if Rinnie went two years, she might think they had it all and no cells were left, which would be unlikely.  She said they had this greyhound on supplements such as these and that nutrition would surely help and keep doing it for Rinnie, but most likely it is genetic and will show up at some point.

6½ month mark:


She is having more frequent interspersed good and bad days. Yesterday was bad but today good. Loving every day with her. Six and a half months now. Thanks so much for asking. Hope all is well with you.

7 month mark:

Hi Nancy,

She saw the vet on monday. Had lost a little weight. Her breathing was heavier. Vet thinks cancer is progressing. Had a seizure on friday. Lost legs for short while but regained. Last week and this week could hardly keep any food down. Throwing up many times. Refused most food. Was pitiful. Refused supplement in anything even roast beef. We discontinued the supplement, tramadol, nausea medication everything and just make sure she has water and food out at all times. Thought we were losing her then yesterday and today have been beautiful. She is clear eyes, spunky, happy and eating a tiny bit, so up and down. 

Rinnie passes a few days later:

We did get your beautiful card and appreciate your sentiment, your concern for us. This week is better than last. This week we have gotten past our sorrow, pain so deep that we feared dying ourselves of broken hearts. It is easier, but not easy yet. She was our canine child. She will always be with us. Thank you for your product and buying time with our Rinnie and for your constant care and attention to help her and us. We strongly believe you bought us precious and quality time with her. You may use these letters to give other pet owners hope at what great nutrition can do under the worst of conditions.

– Eleanor, Cary, NC


BLAZE, a black & white Border Collie with an improved coat and quality of life:

When he was 10 years old, Blaze was diagnosed with advanced cancer of the nose and given 3-6 months to live. As of April, the cancer had spread to the bone between his nasal cavities and to the bone separating his nasal cavity from his brain. 

At the beginning of the fifth month after diagnosis, Blaze is still very energetic.  He loves to go for walks every night and can be hard to keep up with.  He will go for other walks during the day any time I think it is cool enough outside to go.  He still absolutely loves his meals, and his coat is still shinier than it has ever been. It is amazing to me that after this much time, he still feels so good and has so much energy. I feel that Nancy’s Superfoods Supplement has extended Blaze’s life and has certainly given him a better quality of life for his remaining time. It has also allowed us to enjoy a very beloved dog for longer than we would have been able to otherwise.

– Karen T., Cary, NC

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My 12-year old dog, Emmy, is whipping cancer. She’s  transformed over the last four weeks. Here’s how we’re doing it.

After a kidney cancer diagnosis (Tubular adenocarcinoma of the kidney), and a less than one year survival prognosis — if we removed the kidney and followed with chemo — we decided to fight it with science and nutrition. The goal, no suffering, and good, happy days for as long as possible. So far, we’re winning.

At diagnosis (4/12/16), Emmy had periodic vomiting, very little appetite, and lethargy. She was losing weight, was disengaged and mostly wanted to be alone, which is very unusual for my girl. I knew she didn’t feel good. Was she leaving? My first goal was to see if I could get her eating again.

The day after diagnosis I changed her diet from Simple Formula Wellness dog food (which I believe to be a high quality food) to an all human diet plus a superfood supplement. We started with scrambled eggs cooked in a tiny bit of coconut oil. She went for it.

My friend and animal healer, Nancy Seymour, inventor of the superfood supplement I’m using, is using her years of nutrition experience and guiding me every step of the way.

Her appetite immediately improved, but she was losing weight, down to 52 pounds. So we increased the carbs. I alternate oatmeal and brown rice at meals, always sweet potatoes, plus a small amount of protein. A snack can be cottage cheese mixed with canned pumpkin. Peanut butter on mashed banana. I make greek yogurt blueberry pops as a superfood treat. We limit the protein to no more than 20% of her diet so we don’t tax the kidneys. Anything that isn’t processed (meaning — you can see it in her poop!), I put in the blender. Easier to eat, easier for her body to digest. Every nutrient of the food is used by her system.

To be clear, this isn’t a table scraps diet. It’s a low salt, good oils (coconut and olive), good fats, good carbs and a controlled amount of protein. It took me about a week to get the hang of it.

Our results so far: She’s jumping up and down when it’s time to eat. She rolls around in the backyard. We walk 2-3 times a day.

That doesn’t look like a dog that’s dying to me. The cancer is still there, but she isn’t suffering. She’s happy, engaged and making the most of every day.

It makes me think, if we can transform a dog with cancer in just a few weeks using whole foods and nutritional supplementation, shouldn’t we be considering that option for people in the same predicament?

Nancy, you have been such a gift to her and us for all these years. We are so grateful for you! 


Vet visit update: Dr. Wages: “When I saw you were coming in for a bump on her gum I thought what?! This dog is a miracle. She should’ve been dead a long time ago. She looks great. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. I don’t believe she is in any pain. She looks like an old dog, she doesn’t look like an old dog with cancer.” You should’ve seen Emmy dancing around, smiling, so chipper this morning!

Holiday update: Check out our video of Emmy enjoying Christmas!

Update: Emmy is now 13, who last April gave up eating and connecting with family. Shows what a great owner can go with nutrition coaching and my supplement. Still going and going. (Renal cancer tumor now size of an orange).  

Read more about Emmy’s story here!

– Shelly, Raleigh, NC

LUCKY, the puppy that was struggling with cancer and a poor quality of life:

Lucky was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her  front leg and vets suggested two months to live without chemo or an extra month or two with it. I decided to give her puppy kibble with your supplement. Her energy rose, she played, engaged with the family, and was clearly happy. She was has been this way now 17 months on this plan . Thank you so much for your help, care, and product.


I hope that your business is going well. I’ve started my puppy Charlie on the supplement and plan to be a loyal customer forever! Thanks for all you helped us with for Lucky as we definitely got extra time with her because of you! Lucky died Feb 8th after her long battle with her osteosarcoma. She had stopped eating the weekend of Jan 30th, then the weekend she died she started spitting out her pain medicine. It was a hard decision but I ended up taking her to the pet emergency clinic about a mile from our home here in Durham and had her euthanized. The staff there were unbelievably kind and she had a peaceful death and I was with her.

Strangely, we had put in adoption papers at the animal shelter for Charlie (he’s about 8-9 months old) the weekend Lucky stopped eating and he came home with us the day before she died. I like to think she wanted it that way so we wouldn’t miss her so much.

I took some beautiful pictures of her that weekend, it was warm and sunny and she spent a lot of time outdoors. I’ll try to figure out how to email some of them to you.

Hope your business is going well. I plan to be a loyal customer forever! Thanks for all you helped us with for Lucky-we definitely got extra time with her because of you!

– Sue, North Carolina

NAS, a Boxer/Great Dane who had problems with diarrhea:

My 22 year old son is presently living with me. He adopted a (2) year old Boxer/Great Dame cross from a friends family who was moving and did not feel that they could provide the home that this beautiful pet would require. My wife and I was a little worried about Jonathan moving back home with such a large pet. We both fell in love with “Nas” the first day. He is the most docile and well trained pet that I have ever have the pleasure of sharing a home. He will not get on any furniture unless Jonathan gives him the OK and has never had any accidents in the house until last week.

Last week “Nas” began a bout of diarrhea. I had not started “Nas” on your supplement as my son has him on a strict diet. After (5) days with this problem I asked him to start him on your supplement I got home last night and asked if “Nas” had messed in the house since I had left.  The response was no. I walked “Nas” this A.M. and noticed that his stools are now perfectly normal. This product is truly amazing.

– Steve, Wake Forest, NC

VESTA, the Red and Tan Doberman suffering from stomach disorder, hot spots and showing destructive behavior:
Vesta is a 2 year old Red and Tan Doberman and Nancy’s formula saved our sanity! My husband and I got Vesta from a breeder when she was just a few months old. I got Vesta because I really needed to fill the void in my heart that losing Bailey left and she has filled it completely!
Right from the start, we knew she was going to be the sweetest dog. She was a healthy eater and never had any problems with the food she was on. When she hit about 6 months of age all of that changed. Vesta became a little bit destructive, tearing up things outside (screens off the windows for example) and licking her feet so much she had horrible, knotted hot spots all over the place. She also developed severe diarrhea and would have accidents in the house. Most nights she would wake me and my husband up, sometimes 5 times a night, to go out to potty. We would take her to the vet and they would say, “Oh she has food allergies, try _____ dog food.” Well we went through about 5 different types of dog food and nothing worked; special diets from the vet, all natural foods, venison, duck, rice and potato, fish and potato, etc. They all cost a fortune! Each time, we would go back to the vet, telling them that the food changes were not working. Each time, they would insist that it was food allergies. We even started cooking chicken breasts and rice for her. That did not work either!
I trusted the vet because they had been so great when Bailey was ill, but I was starting to wonder if there was something else going on, other than a food allergy. So, I basically quit taking Vesta to the vet. I decided that it was just something she was going to have for the rest of her life and we would have to learn to deal with it the best we could.
One of the times I left Vesta for a long weekend, I came back to find that she was put on antibiotics and a special dog food. I asked that the vet call me the next day to explain everything. When the veterinarian called me he explained that he felt Vesta was in very bad shape with all her symptoms and he was trying to do something to help her. He said that he had a dog with similar problems. He also said that he could really help Vesta and he did not think it was a food allergy at all. He asked for the opportunity to treat her and I decided to give it a shot.
So, we took her to see him. He thought she had an overgrowth of bad bacteria in her guts, all made worse by anxiety, and that treatment with probiotics or “good bugs” as he called them, antibiotics, a specialized dog food, and Nancy’s formula would help.
Well, it took quite a while, but sure enough things started to get better and she eventually did not have to take daily antibiotics. Every day she had a regimen of dog food, Nancy’s Superfoods Supplement and the “good bugs” stuff. The hot spots started to go away, she started having more normal stools, and she was not being destructive.
Fast forward to today, Vesta is about 2 1/2 years old, she has normal stools, sleeps through the night, her coat is shiny and soft, she sheds less, and no more hot spots! I really do think that Nancy’s formula played a huge part in getting her better and I am so thankful that the veterinarian put her on it. I don’t know where she would be if she was still having tummy issues!
So, thank you to Nancy, because without you I do think Vesta would still have a lot of problems (and my husband and I would still be getting 4 hours of sleep a night!).

– Apex, NC

RANGER, the Shetland Sheepdog, had issues with diarrhea and vomiting:

On April 20, 2009 my sixteen year old Shetland Sheepdog, Ranger, woke with diarrhea and vomiting. He was disoriented and in general a very sick little dog. He has been the healthiest Sheltie I’ve ever owned over 30 years, but he has also reached that time in his life when anything can happen. Sixteen is very old for a Sheltie. A trip to the vet confirmed that he was at death’s door, weak heartbeat, could not stand, and did not know he was in the world. The good news was his kidneys were functioning. But he had cancer cells in his abdominal fluid. I had 3 options and I chose to take him home with nausea and pain medications and wait. As long as he wasn’t suffering I could not take his life.

The next day gave me hope when the vet notified me that six more dogs had come in for treatment with the same symptoms and we were all feeding the same brand dog food. A notice on the Internet re: this food let us know it wasn’t the age of our dogs but the food that had caused the illnesses. It has since been pulled from the shelves of pet stores all over the country. I decided to fight for Ranger’s life rather than let him go. A friend had shared information re: Nancy’s formula when she saw wonderful results after giving it to her English Shepherd who had coat and skin problems and when she heard about Ranger she insisted it would help him, too, even if he was dying of old age, he could have quality of life for the time remaining.  

I thought about the formula for 5 days. I had other dogs with health problems from enlarged heart to thyroid to EPI, a pancreatic problem. Only one of five was young and in good health so finally I called the number given to me by my friend just to discuss what might work for my 5 Shelties. She answered the phone and immediately I felt such a connection with this nice lady. She was like an old friend and in a short period of time, she rushed the product to me and on day 7 after his trip to the vet, Ranger was receiving his first dose of supplement. I started with 1/2 tablespoons as Nancy suggested and gave it in a syringe three times a day. He was getting baby food and the juice from canned green beans in a syringe at that time because he would not eat anything, not even his favorites like bacon, ham, ice cream.  He never refused the green bean juice so that was the most of his diet. I carried him everywhere and he was going downhill rapidly. I added the supplements to his diet in the syringe with green bean juice and he seemed to like it. In fact he licked the syringe the first time he tasted it. For the rest of the week things stayed the same but I increased the supplements gradually until he was getting a tablespoon a day. I almost called the vet several times to say I am being unfair. He is suffering, trembling and unable to walk or eat. I need to let him go. I just couldn’t do it. 

On Saturday after he began the supplements on Monday there was a huge difference. We went away for a few hours and when we returned he was on his feet. He seemed hungry so I offered the food in his bowl. He wasn’t ready so we went back to the syringe but he was more eager for the syringe. On Sunday when we came home from church he was out in the yard, had gone through the pet door and was walking around.  He ate from his bowl. He was stronger. The supplements are advertised to show improvement in seven days. We saw it in six.  Now we are seeing daily improvements. I did as they suggested and removed all grains from his diet. He gets cottage cheese, lean meat, and green beans with the supplement for breakfast and dinner and he gets supplements from the palm of my hand for his treats. He is getting a well-rounded teaspoon mixed in his food and he really likes it. His bowel and kidney function is very good and he no longer needs me to hold him up while he takes care of his business.  He is walking with a purpose to get where he is going instead of wandering around confused.  He went down the stairs by himself before I could intercept him and carry him down and he was in control of his feet and legs. He no longer trembles. He sleeps from 9 till 6 without waking up in stress as before he began the supplements. In general, he is still 16 years old but he is enjoying his life again. He barks. He wags his tail and he licks his bowl clean twice a day.  We are just thrilled. My husband told me to tell them that he wants to volunteer to be her human guinea pig if she decides to create a human supplement. I have added the supplement to the diets of all of my dogs who range in age from 16 to 5 and I see an improvement in each of them.

– Jan P., South Carolina



SCOUT: Diagnosed with Addison’s Disease..high doses of steroids…rapid hair loss…just getting the benefits of the supplement has allowed all his hair to grow back and he is the picture of health. I can’t thank you enough.

Did I forget to mention that when I run out…he notices!

-K., Raleigh, NC

SAM, a dog with Cushings:

Sam, my Cushings dog is doing great. We skipped the ACTH test this time because she is doing so well on the dose of Trilostane and with none of the symptoms getting any worse, and for once is actually getting better. I have noticed so many little things about her personality and her old habits that I had forgotten about since she was diagnosed and not feeling well. She has gradually, over this first month, started acting so much more like her old self! We are so pleased.
Carson has had a rough time over the last few weeks. We are changing doses on 1 medication and may be going to try different medications for her pain from the arthritis in her hips and front legs. She’s been off her food quite a bit, she’s suddenly losing her hearing, and she just hasn’t been feeling well at all. I’m doing everything I can to get that supplement in her!! It was no problem at all when she was eating. Anyway, we hope to see some improvement soon. She will be 12 yrs old next month.

Thank you so much!

-Susan F., Raleigh, NC

SIEGFRIED, the abused rescue Collie was in desperate need of help with his heartworms:

After learning of the formula we immediately thought of our 7 year-old Collie, Siegfried. We thought if it worked for their dogs, it might help him. You see, he came to us after a life of abuse as a stud dog in a puppy mill. He had been animal shelter abused, filthy, with a light case of heart worms, and in poor health. Collie Rescue of the Carolinas brought him back to health, treated the heart worms, and let us adopt him. He began to bond with us as we took him on daily 45 minute walks through the woods, over hills, and across streams that surround our farm. We noticed, though, that he tired toward the end of each walk and had to rest often. So, after we saw the program, we bought the supplement and began to add it to his food both morning and night. Before a month was up he began to show more energy. Now he could complete the walks without resting. We’ve been using the supplement for about three months and the effects are even more apparent. He has so much energy he runs in circles when he is excited. The best part, though, is seeing him run. When he sees a deer he takes off after it at full speed. And, boy can that dog run! When we call him back he is still full of energy and so proud of himself. Thank you for creating this pet supplement. It has made all the difference in our boy. And a special thanks also to NC Now/UNC-TV (see about page) for highlighting your efforts. We think Siegfried, if he knew how, would also thank you for giving him his health back.

-Allen and Jenny W., North Carolina

SCRUFFS, the dog suffering from Cushing’s disease:

Scruffs had been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and had a distended stomach, panting, excessive thirst, a very oily and patchy coat, and overall lethargy.

Following your recommendation, I stopped giving him any canned dog food and now have him on a diet of dried dog food in the morning and freshly prepared food in the evenings to include either carrots or spinach. He was put on strong medication by his vet and the combination of the medication and change in diet produced good overall results. His coat has returned to fullness and silkiness, his thirst has lessened, he pants less, and his stomach has gone down although it will swell again after several days of not taking the medication.  I also gave him your superfoods supplement you mailed me. Initially he did not seem to like it and so I held off on any more.

Within the last two weeks I decided to try your superfoods supplement mixture again; this time Scruffs was more accepting and has eaten it with his evening meals without problems.  For the first four or so days of using the mixture I did not notice any change. However, I have noticed an improvement since then: namely, his stomach swelling has reduced. The change was so surprising that this week I decided not to give him his medication and see if the stomach swelling remained under control and for the most part it has! (I have been giving him about 1 teaspoon a day.) I probably will resume his medication but am excited about the results from the supplement.

Because I am happy with the initial results from adding the supplement. I want another jar. I will keep you updated on Scruffs status as well.

-Greg B., Virginia

SCOUT, a corgi with Cushing’s Disease:

I just want to thank you for giving me a year and a half of life with my Scout. A year and a half that you made possible and I was told she wouldn’t have. I remember the day I called you and told you it was an emergency and that my scout was failing and I didn’t know what to do. I’d just been told she had Cushing’s and I was devastated. She wasn’t motivated to do anything. I wanted to give her a miracle. You overnighted your special herbs and from then on it was her regular diet. She started to perk up and gradually she became active again. So active that she showed no signs of cushings.. Until the end. It’s so hard to write this because my heart is still broken.I had an extra year and a half of memories because you were so kind and knew just what to do. You were with us all of that  time. You cheered the good times and cried with me when it wasn’t  so good. You gave us a natural way to
 live longer.I can’t thank you enough for your love of my Scout and your sharing of Natural Solutions. Thank You. It’s not how much we give but how much we put love into giving (MT).. your love is in the giving.
Right up to the end she was so happy. Crazy corgis steal your heart.

-Joanne H. Key West, FL

TRUFFLES, suffering from mild nerve root compression:

What a difference a year makes with your superfoods supplement! A year ago Truffles’ back legs started to give out & neurology specialists diagnosed mild nerve root compression (plus a mild Chiari-like malformation – given King Charles Cavalier Spaniel breed & had prior neurological injury). The choice of treatment presented was either medical therapy or MRI & surgical management – & for an older dog I had concerns for both options, & decided on short term meds & a month of rest; but he was still experiencing weakness & diminished quality of daily life so opted on a natural supplement to trial.  Did have to adjust & play around with best feed combo for about a week (using high quality natural food & add some boiled chicken w/ water)– & now eager to eat both meals every day & within 2.5 weeks had noticed the changes in him! 

Truffles was able to roll on his back & within a couple of months was using the stairs again & enjoying his walks, though shortened!  Truffles, recently had a checkup & vitals & all around health is good & now at 10.5 years of age his quality of life has been noticeably better & we both couldn’t be happier! 

-Leslie, Durham

MOLLIE and SEDONA, Cushing’s and Addison’s Diseases:

First update-as of right now I’ve decided to keep my deceased Mom’s dog, Mollie (my Cushings dog)! As she is starting to feel better, she’s starting to be able to hang with the big dogs like she used to. She’s playing again… Because of you – she’s playing again! She’s doing well.


I really don’t want to jinx any of the progress I’ve seen with my dogs… But! It’s too good not to share!


Sedona, my newly diagnosed Addisons dog (who almost died) went back for her next blood draw so they could give her another shot for her Addisons… the vet was shocked because her lab work was beautiful. Made them redraw it because she felt there was a mistake… redraw was perfect!!! She didn’t need the shot and the vet was shocked and in disbelief to say the least. She also cares for Mollie and is surprised to see Mollie doing so well. I told her what I have them on and she said if she sees this trend continue in them both, she wants to know more about what they are taking!!!! I am beyond thankful for this supplement Nancy. It’s making ALL the difference in my fur kids. I can’t thank you enough!!!

-Dawn, Raleigh, NC

POOH, a Yorkie with a collapsed trachea:

Pooh is our precious rescue 14 ½ yr old Yorkie, who is our child. She developed a collapsing trachea and coughed constantly. It was so severe that my husband, who works and I had to sleep in separate rooms because Pooh’s coughing, was so severe. Pooh’s veterinarian finally began to discuss putting her down because her heart and lungs were so taxed.

A friend begged me to get the product. She told me that they were seeing many good results on a variety of health conditions. I was desperate and didn’t want to give up on Pooh, so I called. They said that they had never had someone call about a collapsing trachea but if it was due to inflammation, there was hope. They rushed the order and I received the product the next day!

I immediately began the product that day at the twice daily recommendation. I called Nancy the next Thursday to tell her the good news. Our Pooh had slept for two nights and as I spoke to her on the phone, Pooh was outside running and playing in the sunshine.

Thank you for bringing the joy back to our family and helping our Pooh.

-Beverly, Burlington, NC

HOLLAND, a Sheltie with a dry and pale coat began Superfoods Supplement:

Holland looks completely different – no longer dry, much richer colors, shiny, more hair growth. And his body looks strong and muscular. His skin looks much better. He has gained weight. That is the change in one month. Another thing I have noticed is a change in attitude.

We have fed a top quality dog food and only managed to put one pound of weight on him. We had noticed that he seemed itchy, scratching frequently and tearing out what was left of his coat. I was adding fish oil to his food and a dollop of yogurt. His skin was pink, too pink. But the vet could not put a finger on a condition. The groomer thought his skin looked basically healthy and thought he had a genetically deficient coat.

I have trouble taking no for an answer. A couple weeks ago I bought the Superfoods Supplement. Holland gets a teaspoon in his breakfast and again in his dinner. This week he saw both the groomer and the vet. Both commented on his size – taller and heavier looking – and his coat, darker and thicker and shinier. None of my heroic efforts at nutrition were able to accomplish this change, which I had been watching for and praying for. The only variant here was the nutritional supplement. Holland certainly looks like a different dog. It will be interesting to look for any other changes that may still occur, like stamina while running and playing. This supplement was not something I searched out. It was handed to me at the Cesar Millan seminar. I took the literature home and thought carefully about it before ordering. I wish I had ordered immediately.

– Linda W., South Carolina

ROWDY, a Golden Retriever with two unfortunate hotspots:

My dogs are doing very well on the Nancy’s Superfoods Supplement. Rowdy (3 year old Male Golden Retriever) has improved significantly since getting on the Superfoods Supplement. I didn’t take pictures of him to begin with because he looked too bad (I didn’t want to remember him that way) with almost total loss of hair and “hot spots” on his back and tail.  He had literally chewed himself raw from a combination of fleas, anxiety and skin allergy. It was amazing how fast he went downhill after a week in just a week or so in the hot weather and flea onslaught.  He is now doing much better.

Before condition: Sad depressed miserable demeanor – very unlike his normal personality. He had raw meat and scabs where he had been chewing his tail, legs, back, and behind.  He had a very sick look, with congestion in his eyes.  He was losing weight rapidly and had frequent diarrhea.

The treatment: I started adding the Superfoods Supplement per your instruction to his meals twice a day and worked up to full dosage.  I also took strong measures against the fleas by cutting his hair (very splotchy anyway), treating him with external flea shampoo and powder, removing old bedding and replacing with new, and treating the house and yard for fleas.  I also started keeping him inside during the hot weather except to take him out for exercise and his “personal business”.

The result: we started to see improvement in his skin and coat within the first few days. Though I considered taking him to the vet for cortisone shots for his skin allergy, I refrained to see how the Superfoods Supplement would help. His hair started growing back thick and more healthy looking.  After the first week the “cold” (drainage) in his eyes had been cleared up and he was acting much more lively and like his old self.  He continued to improve in appearance, mood, and general health. I am convinced that the Superfoods Supplement played a significant part of his overall improvement.

As an aside, I was concerned at first whether he would like the taste of the Superfoods Supplement. As it turned out he loved it. I always had trouble getting him and Michelle (Shepherd mix) to eat dry dog food. Just their measured amount twice a day in meals and stirred apparently made it a lot tastier – as they readily ate with the Superfoods Supplement on there.

-Gary J., North Carolina

I agreed to foster a purebred 7 year old  stunning black lab as I just lost my old English Sheepdog. He was sweet and calm yet his coast was dull, coarse, and extreme dandruff. His energy level was also really low. I began the Superfoods Pet Supplement as I’ve been a loyal customer for many years. After he developed a chronic cough, the vet revealed he had kennel cough. He was put on antibiotics and I upped his serving size of Nancy’s supplement. I have my own rescue pet who was exposed to the kennel cough. In fact after checking her vet record she was 6 weeks late on getting her bordatella. So she was vaccinated and I increased your supplement serving size as well.  Her immune is so strong, she has not developed kennel cough.
Within a week you could tell the lab was feeling so much better as his eyes began to sparkle and he became more playful. Of course the antibiotics were certainly helping , yet his coat after 3 weeks on your supplement was sift and so shiny and all dandruff was gone. Look at his picture on the sofa to show the coat and skin transformation. I was feeding a good food for this time yet as a RN, I attribute his speedy recovery and coat to boosting his immune with your pet supplement.
I also have a friend who tried it on my recommendation and her bulldogs adore it. In fact, she said they object when it’s accidentally left off. She’ll have her own testimonial soon.
You’ve never let me down for over 15 years on my pet family. Thank you, Nancy!

-Sandra H., North Carolina

Meet Taylore:

A RN friend recommenced my supplement and to help with diet. First picture is when I started with her. She also had bleeding ulcerated tongue where food fell from her mouth from pain and her feet were bleeding and raw so could barely hobble.

Second picture is 15 days on my supplement. Last picture is fur regrowth beginning. She now run, eats, plays and is happy and energetic. I adjusted her diet and they began my supplement twice a day.

SHEA, the Sheltie also had problems with the consistency and quality of her coat:

Shea is doing just great and it won’t be long until I’m sure we will see an improvement in her coat as well. She had turned a strange shade of gray from shaded sable when she was on the enzymes and she had no undercoat at all.  But many of the other problems were solved using the enzymes and now we will just build her back up with your Superfoods Supplement.  In the past, when her body was not processing the nutrients before the enzymes, she had multiple yeast infections but she has turned the corner now.  Now she is going back to Shaded Sable, which is where she is supposed to be, in just 2-3 weeks, which is a huge difference.

– Jan, SC

Brophy (a senior Old English Sheepdog) is so much more mobile – we have gone for a four mile hike and 3 mile walks, and he doesn’t try to stop or refuse to go.  He has a spring in his step and a wiggle when he walks, he isn’t stiff in his hips.  Coat looks great.

Sparky (an adult Cockapoo)  is as spry as ever, coat looks great.

– Sandra, Greensboro, NC


REGGIE, a Staffy-Boxer with skin bumps:

I just wanted to tell you that Reggie came to us with some bumps that we weren’t sure of. They were raised enough to be noticeable through his fur. They itched because he would bite at them. They were getting worse and I was concerned they might be cancerous. About 4-5 days ago I started giving him your Superfoods Supplement and I noticed today he hasn’t been itching. I felt where the bumps were and they are gone! Thank you for fulfilling your dream and bringing your life changing product to market. It works!

– Teresa, Youngsville, NC

DOC, who had problems with rawness and irritation on his back and tail:

After using your Superfoods Supplement, Doc has had improvement on the biting and gnawing of his back and tail. The rawness has gone down and the licking has decreased greatly. Hopefully by the end of the month, he will be totally improved.

– North Carolina

LACY, a Border Collie who wanted a coat she could be proud of:

We just got home from the groomer, Deena. Here is a quote: “I am amazed that Lacey grew her coat so completely and so early, but the coat she has is gorgeous, healthy, black, shiny.” Lacy was a healthy pup when I brought her home. Lacey is more able to focus, be calm, not go off the deep end wiggling and wagging and pulling so much. She is still enthusiastic but it is more controlled.  Part of that is my work with her but I wonder if the Superfoods Supplement has played a part because of contributing to her overall health and balanced nutrition, boosting her immune system, and she is just feeling great now.

– Linda W., South Carolina

COCO, who was suffering from hot spots:

My pet companion “CoCo” has made tremendous progress in just 14 days after beginning your Superfoods Supplement. Her energy and disposition are noticeably improved, and I’ve received comments not only from my family, but two of my close neighbors and some of my friends.  My next door neighbor asked me today what I did to improve her coat. She has had a shedding problem with thin hair in many places for the last 2-3 years. The bare spots are filling in and her coat has the shine of a healthy pet. It was amazing for me to see the results.

– Steve, Wake Forest, NC


Emmy is a 20 month old, healthy, pure bred Golden retriever. I noticed her coat getting dull. I started her on the supplement and within a week her coat was like sable! Shiny and incredibly soft. She loves the supplement so much, she licks the bowl after every meal. She’s more playful, too!

– Shelly, Raleigh, NC

** Read more about Emmy in the Life Threatening Diseases category!

A group of dogs who have benefited greatly from our supplements:

The dogs’ diet was and is a mixture of dry Pet Food and one of the kibble mixtures. They also get a teaspoon of canned pet food at each feeding. They eat twice a day. The 12-year-old whippet has a grade 3 heart murmur and takes a blood pressure medication and a standard process heart supplement. A second whippet has low thyroid numbers and takes a standard process thyroid supplement for that. The thyroid problem is under control. The dogs have no other current health problems. My vet, who is a holistic practitioner suggested that I feed the senior whippet the Superfoods Supplement  to help his heart problem. I got some and thought why not give it to all the dogs. They’ve had 1/2 a teaspoon each twice a day for several months and this is what I have noticed in terms of health changes that I attribute to Nancy’s supplement: 

  1. The whippet with thyroid difficulties always suffered from hair loss on the hind quarters during the winter months. That is no longer the case. His coat was always in good shape with very little dandruff, but now it’s glossy black and very shiny; he has no dandruff at all, and his little black bottom has hair on it!
  2. The coats on the other dogs are softer and shiner, but since they’re not black, the difference is less pronounced than with the black dog.
  3. The biggest and most noticeable health change that I believe is with the Peruvians. Both the coated and hairless dog suffered from seasonal allergies. Symptoms included runny, itchy eyes, runny noses and lots of skin irritations. Hairless dogs in general are prone to acne, blackheads and other assorted lumps and bumps. After being on the formula, I noticed that the allergies were no longer a problem for either dog. The hairless dog’s skin is as healthy-looking and acne and blackhead free as it’s ever been. Both dogs are much happier animals without all the sneezing, snuffing, and itching.

The changes described above took place over time. There’s no doubt in my mind that they are due to Nancy’s supplement since nothing else in the dogs’ diet or habitat changed. I plan to use the supplement indefinitely and highly recommend its use as a daily supplement. They’re licking at the bowls before I put them on the floor. 

– Debbie F.



WHEELS, born with little to no chance of survival:

Wheels was born with little to no chance of survival which was confirmed by several vets. When I took her home she weighed a mere 6oz at 10 weeks. She was infested with worms, fleas, and mites. She had a heart murmur and no skull covering half of her head. I decided that I was going to give her every chance I could. She had major issues with eating and drinking. She refused both. The vet said she had “failure to thrive”. I syringe fed her around the clock but she continued to lose weight. She was so thin and skeletal and was clearly starving to death. The vet had no idea what to do. I found some better food for her and stepped up the number of times I was force feeding her a day and she gained some weight and managed to soldier on. She still wouldn’t eat or drink on her own and it clearly affected her general health and energy level.

This is when I was introduced to Nancy’s supplement. Wheels weighs in at one pound nine ounces full grown! I started adding it to Wheels’s food in small increments. After the first day on the supplement, I noticed Wheels seemed perkier and had much more energy. I was so shocked that something could work so fast! By day two, she was running when we went for walks which I had never seen her do before! I knew then, that something was definitely changing in her tiny little body! Later that day (DAY TWO OF THE SUPPLEMENT), the impossible happened! I literally couldn’t believe my eyes! My sweet little baby went voluntarily to her food bowl and for the FIRST TIME in her two years of life, began to eat voraciously from her food bowl ON HER OWN!!! I was in tears. I couldn’t believe this had happened and it had happened so fast!!! Thank you for giving the love of MY life HER life!!! She is so happy and full of energy now! I cannot wait to see what the future holds. She is more full of life and vigor with each passing day. THANK YOU!!

UPDATE: After a month of being on Nancy’s supplement, she is absolutely soaring! The changes are unbelievable and radical. Her energy has become boundless! The dog that used to hate walks, now requires at least two long walks a day if I want to have any hope of sleep at night! We have a mile long loop behind our house that she could only get about 1/16 around before the supplement. I had to carry her back. She is now making the FULL MILE…twice a day!! Remember that this dog weighs one pound nine ounces! That is a marathon for those tiny little legs. I have seen her chase her tail for the first time in two years and play with toys for the first time in her life! She runs excitedly to the kitchen as I am preparing her food. Her coat is so silky smooth and thick now. Most amazing, is the change in her head/skull malformation. She used to have a huge swollen bump on the left side of her head where no skull covered her brain. That area was always inflamed. After two weeks of taking the supplement, her brain swelling had decreased and has continued to decrease drastically! I have no words for how grateful I am. The love of MY life now has the chance for a long, active, happy, and healthy life. Thank you again! ! It is amazing what PROPER, scientifically balanced nutrition can do! I am thrilled beyond words and cannot wait to see what the future brings now that Wheels is STRONG!

– Jewleebean



Candy is a 13 year old Chihuahua I inherited from my mother-in-law.  After years of bad table food, little exercise and no socialization, Candy was a very lame and sickly dog. She developed small, bleeding tumors on her back legs. She was so weak that she could hardly stand. One vet told us we would eventually have to amputate her back leg due to severe arthritis. We added your supplement and I’m telling you that Candy has transformed!

She RUNS to me, jumps up and down, hops and spins. She’s like a puppy.  It’s nothing short of incredible. I have no doubt that your supplement saved her life. She’s having the life she never had as a pup. I’ll be a customer for life.

– Shelly L., North Carolina

CHANCE, a Coonhound, branded and starved with three infections:

“I named him Chance because I knew your supplement was his last “chance” to live. Thank you for donating it for him.” – Tiffany


Earlier today when we drove by a construction site we saw a skinny, limping dog laying in a nearby ditch. Thinking he had been hit by a car, we pulled over to evaluate the situation. This skinny, tick infested sweetheart of a dog crawled over to us. He was severely underweight, dehydrated, had been branded initials on his back leg, his ears were oozing pus, and he had a bad limp. We put him in the car and rushed him to our vet tech. I took a few quick pictures of his condition when we found him and the site where he was found. NO ID, just the brand. He was weak from dehydration, worm infestation, and covered in parasites from ear mites, to huge ticks and thousands of fleas. He was lying in the grass ditch, too hot and tired to go any further. We picked him up last night. He is NOT doing well, and may have pneumonia. 

He is so sick his skin is literally infected, he has a terrible ear infection, he is very underweight and he needs serious help. We don’t know if he will make it, but i know your supplement are his best chance. Here are some pictures of him today and last night. I know your supplement will save him! 

24 HOURS LATER: I have had Chance less than 24 hrs. He was very hungry and dehydrated. We have fixed that part. He has been de-wormed, because he had a major hookworm infestation which can easily kill a dog. His ears are so infected from ear mites, (VERY easily treated and preventable) that he literally had puss coming out in clumps. Right now he is in a quarantine kennel. I sat with him for about an hour tonight, talking with him and trying to understand how someone could neglect him so badly. Even in between the pads of his feet his skin is pussy & infected, like he has been kept in a dirty moist environment. He loved the attention and laid his head on my lap like he was relieved to be given a little love…. finally.

THREE WEEKS LATER: I have titled the updates for Chance. I took the picture on the same area, as i thought it would be easier for people to see he was the SAME dog, and how he has improved. Chance is doing amazingly well. He has been on the supplement for 3 weeks, and EVERYTHING about him has changed: his coat, his personality, his energy level, his mobility, any and all bodily infections. He is now 73 lbs of Jumping, Playing, and Running Joy! 

His coat is now much shinier! When I first got him he shed uncontrollably, probably due to malnutrition. Today his coat is glossy, and he hardly sheds. He smells good and actually retains a fresh, non-oily smell like when he first arrived. His personality is a 360 shift from the day he showed up. He has gone from a shy, weak, unconfident dog, to a happy animal who FEELS GOOD and likes to show it. He is such a goofy hound who is always bouncing and jumping. He NEVER tires anymore and I think could walk and run for hours without stopping. He loves to go for walks in the mountains and I let him pull me up the hills. His tail is always wagging and ready to explore! The energy in that dog is something I would have NEVER expected out of him. He went from the weak, sickly dog who couldn’t walk 5 minutes without collapsing… to the energizer bunny. 

The vet said he had arthritis in his left front paw from when he broke it and never got medical care. When we first got him he would put little to no weight on it. Today he runs, walks, jumps, bounces and swims and shows no sign of pain or arthritis. He has been on NO pain medications, etc that would have changed this. He has loved the supplement, and its clear that it doesn’t just taste good, it make him feel good.

UPDATE: This Wednesday Chance was supposed to have ear surgery because of a recurring infection. When we took him in, his ears were bad. Now, his ears are almost healed. He now perks up his ears and holds his head high which he never did from pain. The infection that was under the pads of his feet has also completely gone. He also had an infection on his neck that was raw and inflamed. This is also completely healed and most of his hair has grown back. 

Chance is doing incredible, and I can say 75% of it is because of the supplement. It is so wonderful to have such a simple to use, all in one, tasty solution to such a variety of problems he had. Food, love and a clean environment have given him hope… but the supplement has given him…. life. Thank you so much! 

– Tiffany J., NC

Windsor was the victim of animal cruelty. Despite that he is full of love. Thanks to animal control and the wonderful folks at the shelter, Windsor was able to make it to us where he will be cared for in foster care until he is healthy enough to look for his new permanent home. When Windsor was found, the vet assessed his body condition score at being a 1, a walking skeleton. He should be a blue Pitbull, but he has virtually no hair on his body from lack of nutrition. This poor boy has no body fat and is losing muscle tone. The vet notes say he is a very quiet and sweet dog and he likes being with people. Although he is not even 3 years old, he is already a strong positive for heartworms. Windsor has been living on a chain in a back yard and sleeping on the hard ground. His lack of care resulted in open sores on both wrists, left ankle and his rear end. These are basically ‘bed sores’ from repeatedly sleeping on the hard ground and having no body fat to cushion his bones.

Windsor has enjoyed Nancy’s supplement beginning his second week in the program. He loves it in his food as it creates a tasty gravy and he gobbles it up. This was terrific as he was very dehydrated and the supplement encouraged his fluid intake due to the enticing flavor. Windsor’s open front leg wound has healed up remarkably. It is not at all noticeable now nor are most of his other scars. His fur is soft and shiny and his ears are like velvet! Most of all, this boy is smiling and happy and we know for sure a lot of that is due to the terrific healing ingredients in Nancy’s Supplement! Thank you so much for supplying Windsor with this wonderful product.

P.S. Windsor is so fantastic we have realized that he has found his forever home! Ours!

– Jennifer S., Raleigh, NC

ROCKET, the Golden Labrador and MAX the Doberman/Shepherd Mix are both post op and aging:

Rocket and Max are my two best friends and have been on the supplement for almost two years now. I adopted them both over 13 years ago from two different high kill shelters. Rocket was a year old and Max was 6 months old at the time I adopted them.

Although they are both seniors that are graying considerably and losing their hearing, etc., they are still active happy boys. I have always fed them high quality diet and provided the best care possible for both of them. Your Superfoods Supplement has been an added blessing, as they both love it and seem to be thriving on it. We can still walk a mile, although Max takes a few breaks. Rocket still lives up to his name zooming around.

As you know, Rocket had a fast growing cancerous tumor removed 1-1/2 years ago. This is the kind that historically always returns … I chose not to put him through the rigors of chemo at his age and thankfully the tumor never returned. 

Just a few months ago he went in for surgery again and this time he had 7 tumors removed.  Only one was cancerous, again the same kind as before only in a totally different location.  He bounced right back after this second surgery as well, and still no recurrence. 

I am convinced the Superfoods Supplement plays a big part in their continuing quality senior life.  Thank you so much.

– Anonymous

EVIE, a Chihuahua with a nervous disposition:

I wanted to tell you about an amazing experience that I had using your supplement. I have been using it with my Chihuahua Evie since last year. Evie has a very nervous disposition which was exacerbated when I fostered a little Chihuahua named Skipper. I decided to try the product with her to see if it would help with her anxiety and overall disposition.  I got great results and found that she became energized and even wanted to play with me for the first time in years!  She gained her spunk back and I started seeing her personality that I had fallen in love with many years ago. That was enough for me to become a believer and I use the product now twice a day.

– Sarah M., North Carolina

Alley, a British golden retriever (born May 11, 2005), and Caley, a Bichon Frisse(born June 4, 2004):

Both of my girls have been on all four and soon to be five generations of my supplement for 12 years.  They have never been without it from beginning creating it in my home for Casey. Their energy level and mobility is amazing.  See the videos attached to see at their senior years how they run and play and move in the Joint and Muscle, & Mobility category.  Their coats are clean and bright.  The golden with straighter hair glistens in the sunlight.  Eyes are clear and their entire lives their medical records reveal annual exams yearly with an occasional accident like Caley being rammed by a bulldog in play resulting in a back issue, and she stuck her face in a fire ant bed one year.  Alley was hypothyroid her entire life which is a breeding hormonal condition.  As you can see from the videos, they move and are thriving. No one ever can guess that they are senior girls.  I have always fed grain free top kibble, veggies, and my supplement.  Their weights are perfect as well. It will be fascinating what their lifespans will be.  My vet says he holds his breath beginning at age 8 with goldens, labs, shepherds, and the larger breeds.  Cancer is so prevalent.  Bichons traditionally live to 12-14 years. I believe in giving them every health advantage their entire lives.  They are my family so I feed them that way.

– Nancy Seymour

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** The testimonials are experiences of years of satisfied customers on their use of the product.  They are not claims or promises. Feel free to show your physician or veterinarian the ingredients and explanation of each product on this website and on the bottle. Each natural ingredient can be researched as a consumer.