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Spinal Paralysis Injury

I would like to share some wonderful news about an outstanding pet supplement that I have been using for both my dogs. I started using the nutritional supplement after one of my dogs had a severe injury to his back. As a result of that injury, he was paralyzed in his hind legs. He had to have spinal surgery to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord. He had his surgery in December and started physical therapy and rehabilitation soon after. He was making some progress but didn’t seem interested in much of anything, including eating. Even his favorite toy didn’t excite him. He wasn’t eating very much, just enough to survive. I contacted Nancy who was right there to help me. I started both dogs on Nancy’s Superfoods Pet Supplement at the very end of January. Little by little we increased the dosage of the supplement. By the second week of February my little dog was eating much better and wanting to play with his favorite toy. Nancy gave us ideas on how to incorporate our own pool and heated small spa area to exercise his muscles. He was improving every way: walking stability, playing and a faster gait, energy and positive attitude. His zest for life came back! Even his rehabilitation therapist commented how much improvement she was seeing.

It was around that same time I started using another outstanding product of Nancy’s called Just Relief which is a pain relieving anti inflammation lotion for people on the area of my dog’s back.The very first time I used it on that area of his back my dog turned to me and kissed me and looked like he was trying to say “thanks mom that feels so much better”. I used it daily, and I saw even more improvement with his ability to walk and do his rehabilitation. I too tried the Just Relief on a horrible bruise I had. I was very impressed how much better it felt and how quickly the color of the bruise disappeared! Right now, all I can say is how grateful I am for both of Nancy’s products! My dog is now able to do just about everything he could do before he was paralyzed. Nancy checks in regularly checking on him and his continuing progress. I have my happy and healthy dog back!

Forever grateful

--- Susan T. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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